$29.99 USD

NEW Glass Double-layer Coffee Mug

Product Category: Mug 
Style: Creative and Stylish
Insulation: Double layer 
Weight: 150g 
Gift use: Gift, and Home Office Use
Cup attachment: Handle 
Color: Gold Standard Double Cup, Big Watch N7190, N7190T Transparency, DC011 + Glass Scoops, Big Watch N7190 + Glass Scoop, N7190T Transparent + Glass Scoop, DC011 + Glass Cover, N7190T + Glass Cover, N7190 + Glass Cover, pure white box pearl cotton gold standard, DC011 + spoon + glass cover, N7190G, N7190G green leaves + spoon, and  N7190G green leaves + cover
Capacity: 101-200ml 
Material: High Borosilicate Glass

  • This cup is hand blown from high temperature borosilicate glass. Perfect for you to enjoy the flavors of teas or coffee without metal or plastic affecting the taste.
  • These double-walled coffee mugs are perfect for cappuccino, latte, espresso, macchiato, tea, juice, iced beverages, or smoothies
  • Dishwasher, microwave, and fridge safe. The glasses have a nice feel in your hand and are amazingly durable and suitable for everyday use. They clean completely leaving no residue from a previous drink.
  • Easy to clean and durable! These shatterproof, scratch resistant mugs are durable and safe for microwave and dishwasher! Borosilicate glass is the material you want when dealing with any glassware for best results!
  • The capacity of the cup is about 3-6oz.Notice, there is an air vent in the bottom,our master leave this air vent to resolve the unstable presure between cup internal and external environment during produce process.For this air vent, cup can be used safely although temperture rapid change