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Lensball Pro 80mm, K9 Clear Crystal Ball Photography Sphere with Microfiber Bag

Crystal Ball Photography

A world in your hand

You can certainly do it in a Lensball, it allows you to take refraction photos, which reveal the background scene within the ball.

This photographic technique has now become so popular with both armatures and professional photographers. You can never imagine how fun crystal ball reflection photography is.

Lensball is made only with premium-grade K9 crystal to deliver the best purity and gloss.

Brand Name: Litechniques

  • K9 CRYSTAL: This is the same crystal that is used for camera lenses and other optics because of its extremely high light transmittance and light-refracting characteristics.
  • ULTRA CLEAR: Polished and hardened, for a perfect and scratch-free surface. Every Lensball has been flawlessly crafted out of K9 crystal and made 100 percent scratch and bubble-free.
  • PERFECT FOR PHOTOGRAPHY: Lensball is made for beginners as well as for professional photographers. To make this accessible for all levels of photography, Lensball does not only work with professional cameras but it is also suited for any smartphone camera.
  • SECURE AND BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING: All Lensballs are put in a beautiful and secure box. The additional microfibre bag not only protects the Lensball from getting scratched but it also ensures that your Lensball is dust and fingerprint-free at all times.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: Every Lensball is flawlessly crafted and goes through multiple thorough quality checks. Therefore we can guarantee a high-grade optical crystal ball.
  • Shape: Spherical
  • Usage: Optical
  • Material: Glass


    Included in the box:

    • 1x Crystal Lensball
    • 1x Microfibre carrying bag (can also be used to clean from fingerprints)
    • 1x Lensball sticker
    • 1x informational card



    • Never leave the Lensball unattended in a direct sunlight
    • Always keep the lensball away from children
    • Lensballs have a very strong magnifying power that can cause fire/physical damage.

    Camera Lens
    Crystal Ball Lensball
    Maximum Focal Length 1 Millimeters
    Minimum Focal Length 1 Millimeters
    Lens Coating
    Air Sphere Coating


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