$22.44 USD

5D Diamond Painting ARTDOT Storage Containers, 120 60 30 15 Slots Diamond Painting Accessories Shockproof Jars for Jewelry Beads Rings Charms Glitter Rhinestones 

• Colors: Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Purple, Black and Orange 

* The Complete set of accessories includes: 
1 x Diamond Painting Storage Case [Choose from 120, 60, 30 & 15 diamond storage bottles]
60/ 30 x Diamond Painting Storage Container
4 x Diamond Painting Pen
10 x Diamond Painting Wax
1 x Diamond Painting Fix Tool
1 x Silicone Funnel
2 x Diamond Painting tray
20 x OPP Bag
1 x Tweezers
1 x Stickers 

***The zipper design is convenient and portable for you to use 


• 15 grid box size 17*12.5*7CM, bottle size 2.5*4.6CM

• 30 grid box size 22*17.5*7CM, bottle size 2.5*4.6CM

• 60 grid box size 32*22.5*7CM, bottle size 2.5*4.6CM

• 120 grid box size 32*22.5*8.5CM, bottle size 2.5*2.9 CM

•  Helpful tools: the collapsible funnel makes it easier for you to fill diamonds without spilling; Plastic trays can organize the diamonds nicely; When drawing, put the required diamonds in the plastic tray, and then gently shake it to make the diamonds line up in a row for easy pen insertion; The roller can effectively stick the diamond-painted beads on the canvas firmly, and each point drill tool is a practical assistant to help you complete the artwork.

• Quality and well-designed: made of quality EVA material, the surface is smooth, and the hand feels soft and elastic; And it has good shock-proof, wear-resistant and anti-friction effects; It also has a handle design so that you can easily take the box to any place you want.

• Functional storage box: there is a 60-slot foam partition inside, which can prevent friction or impact between the cans; The foam inside is detachable and can be taken out and applied as an ordinary small suitcase; A mesh pocket which is large enough to store your diamond painting accessories tools; You can store items conveniently in daily life.

• Practical to use: DIY diamond painting accessories can help reduce stress, experience a sense of accomplishment, enhance self-confidence, enhance endurance, help us stay away from mobile phones, and cultivate artistic atmosphere; Our diamond painting kit will be a thoughtful gift to send to your friends, family members and others.

• Hold Everything In Just A Case - 120, 60, 30 or 15 bottles come with a foam base perfectly organize all your drills. Screw top can protect the drills from spilling when moving. A mesh pocket which is large enough to store your diamond painting accessories tools. 

• Game Change - The foldable silicone funnel lets you fill diamonds safer and easier, no more spilling out. Convenient to use, carry and store. Say goodbye to messy transfers! 

• Functional & Practical Tool - Comes with additional diamond painting pen with 3,6,9 drill placer, especially suitable for a large area with the same color diamond at the same time; 64PCS label help you organize and find your diamonds with color code much easier. Tray and wax also included. 

• Portable Light-weight Design - ARTDOT storage system features a large space for all your gem art & diamond painting tools, while remaining extremely portable & Perfect for getting diamond art done anywhere. 

• Big-capacity & Multi-purpose - Each diamond painting storage container stores approx. 10 grams of object, you can turn each jar into bead organizer or store other little object such as jewelry, seed.