Special Orders Requests

Travel Brand, Sophisticated Digital Art & Holistic Goods

A Travel Brand that inspires you to travel the world and see this beautiful blue planet in its full glory! We also sell Sophisticated Digital Media & Art  accustomed with carefully selected exquisite holistic goods that are essential to our everyday lives. 

We cater to Businesses Events such as Real Estate Open Show Homes, Law Firms Marketing Events, Holistic Business Events, Beauty Parlors & Salons Events, Restaurants Opening Events, Parties, Wedding Gift Registry, Christmas Hamper Gifts, Baby showers etc... *We offer discounts for all our bulk orders and provide a more generous discount to all our loyal repeat clients and customers alike!

If we haven't mentioned your niche in the above list, please feel free to send a message and we shall endeavor get back to you within 24hrs.

We strive to ensure that we cater to the needs of all our customers!
*Please kindly note that discounts rates are applied in accordance to the order quantities placed.